Wedding Party

Elizabeth Murphy-Delaney

Maid of Honor

Sister of the bride

Elizabeth is Kristin’s twin sister, maid of honor, and best friend. Almost exactly a year after Kristin served as Elizabeth’s MOH, she can’t wait for her to return the favor. Two peas in a pod since the womb, these two can’t imagine their lives without the other and are still learning how to share one another with their husbands! Fun fact: Elizabeth was actually friends with Jack way before Kristin was, as together they were directors of a music education program in South Bend. Elizabeth can’t wait to return to her hometown from their new residence in Nashville to celebrate.

Kathryn Sonnick


Sister of the bride

The bridal party would not be complete without Kristin’s big sister, Kathryn (Wange!!). A fellow Saint Philip Neri bride, Kristin has continued to follow in Kathryn’s footsteps. This newlywed and NYC resident is a smart, responsible, leader- the classic oldest sibling! Kathryn can’t wait to have another math nerd and ND grad in the family. She has a history of sobbing at her sister’s weddings, let’s see if she keeps this up on July 18th.

Colleen Murphy


Sister of the bride

Kristin loves her little sister (the Lou, Beb, Little One, etc.) so much and is very proud of the wonderful young woman she’s become. Colleen, the youngest of the four Murphy sisters, is excited to get her third brother-in-law of the year in her “Yack”. She is the family’s little drummer girl, snuggle-buddy, and helps to keep everyone young. This summer, she will be fresh off of her college graduation and ready to celebrate!

Natalie Wright


Sister of the groom

Natalie is one of Jack’s older sisters and fellow middle child in the Burkart family. Growing up they loved to cause trouble and play video games with each other. Kristin and Natalie actually overlapped one year at Saint Mary’s, and the two love bonding over being Belle’s in the ND marching band. Natalie lives in Cincinnati with her husband Brad, and she can’t wait to add another sister to the Burkart family.

Caitlin Zeiler


Friend of the bride

A good friend of both the bride and groom, Caitlin is the resident non-sister bridesmaid. She is a mechanical engineer currently working in New Orleans. A fellow trombone player with Jack in the ND Band, Caitlin was thrilled when these two love birds started dating. Kristin is proud to have a friend like Caitlin- so hard-working, multi-talented, and the life of any party. Find these two BFFs partaking in their favorite pastime at the wedding- breaking it down on the dancefloor together!

Luke Burkart

Best Man

Brother of the groom

The youngest sibling and little brother, and obvious choice for best man! Luke rebelled against the family trend of going to school in South Bend, and recently graduated from UW-Madison as a trumpet player in their marching band. Jack and Luke share more hobbies than just music, including ice fishing trips with their dad, European soccer, and commiserating in Wisconsin and Notre Dame football’s woes. Luke has reportedly been working on his speech before Jack officially asked him to be best man - expect big things!

Christopher Kaiser


Cousin of the groom

Chris or Krusty, depending on his mood! Jack and Chris grew up together as cousins and have long made a formidable duo. Kristin can always tell when Jack is texting Chris by whether or not he is laughing while looking at his phone. Jack always enjoys visiting Chris and his fianceé Katie at their apartment in Minneapolis, and battling over who can eat the most meat dumplings during their Kaiser family tradition. Fun fact: Chris is a geologist; ask him about his favorite rocks!

Jay Johnstone


Friend of the groom

Jay is Jack’s best friend from Notre Dame, and fellow trombone player in the ND marching band. Jay is from Alabama and currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his girlfriend Delaney and adorable dog Dingo. After many years of long band bus trips and being roommates, Jack and Jay share a particularly silly sense of humor, subjecting Kristin and others to fits of laughter over jokes that only they could possibly understand.

John Hanson


Friend of the groom

Jack’s best friend from high school in Minnesota, John is a Renaissance man with graduate degrees in engineering, finance, and a working knowledge of almost everything! Being nerds, Jack and John quickly became friends at Hill-Murray, making memorable class projects, like an alarmingly authentic trebuchet in physics class. If Kristin doesn’t hear from Jack for a few hours, there is a good chance he and John are in the middle of a marathon online video game session.

Daniel Delaney


Brother-in-law of the bride

Dan is Kristin’s twin sister Elizabeth’s husband and a fellow ND band alum. Before Jack came along Kristin was forced to third-wheel with Dan and Liz - if you saw her Maid of Honor speech, you wouldn’t find it hard to believe that Kristin probably has more pictures with Dan than with Jack! A south New Jersey native, Dan loves his Eagles and Bruce Springsteen (ask him about his old band!), and he and Jack definitely never share stories about common Murphy-isms behind Kristin and Elizabeth’s backs.

William Murphy

Father of the Bride

Laura Murphy

Mother of the Bride

David Burkart

Father of the Groom

Hayley Burkart

Mother of the Groom

Maria Bayer

Flower Girl/Child

Niece of the groom

Paul Bayer

Ring Bearer

Nephew of the groom
Amy Kross