Kristin and Jack

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Our Story

Despite being in the same class in the ND band, Jack and Kristin did not become friends until later on in their college careers. Kristin’s twin sister, Elizabeth, and her best friend, Caitlin, were both good friends with Jack and big fans of these two getting together. Fortune had it that Jack and Stin ended up being assigned to stand next to each other in marching band warm-up block senior year; Kristin will never forget catching Jack’s best friend Jay, our drum major who was up on his ladder at the time, notice this and give Jack a big approving wink and thumbs up. After dancing to Twist & Shout at the Backer together, they had their first official date at Jack’s apartment at the infamous Stadium Club. They watched Scrubs, ate popcorn, and Jack cooked them dinner, and much to the surprise of his friends did not burn the place down! They made their relationship official on October 8, 2014, and the rest is history. Little-known fact: Jack wanted to ask Kristin out on October 1st so that their anniversary would be easier for him to remember, but she was too busy doing homework to hang out that night. Jack assured his new girlfriend that his sisters would love her because they are also fellow Saint Mary’s Belles. Meanwhile, Kristin’s family was thrilled to join forces with the Burkarts and get back to their Midwestern roots. The rest of their senior year together was a blast - late nights dancing at the Backer, singing at the top of their lungs during parties at Opus, countless band rehearsals, band and school break trips, and memorable graduation festivities. Once their time in college came to a close, these two jumped right back into more schooling. Jack started his five-year math PhD program at Stony Brook University on Long Island and Kristin moved to Philadelphia for a year to get her MSW at the University of Pennsylvania. Jack quickly became accustomed to spending a lot of time at the Murphy household, partaking in Sunday-morning-post-Mass bagels, being forced to help Colleen with her homework, and cheering on the Irish over cold ones. Kristin has been working as a social worker for the Alzheimer’s Association for over 3 years, and while Jack has loved his time as a Seawolf, he is excited to be graduating in May. Over the past few years on Long Island their time together has been spent watching all of their favorite teams (from waking up at the crack of dawn to watch soccer, to screaming at the TV during ND games, to all day Sunday NFL RedZone marathons), exploring the best local breweries, enjoying local Asian and Mexican food, racing to the bottom of a bowl of popcorn while watching Netflix, and having fun with their friends and families. They so look forward to time spent visiting Jack’s family in Wisconsin and Kristin is very excited to become an aunt to Jack’s wonderful niece and nephews. This bride and groom cannot wait to see you at their wedding!

As their love grew, Kristin and Jack knew that they were ready to take the next step and get engaged! They both wanted the proposal to be a surprise, so after picking out the ring, Jack came up with a plan. In order to throw Kristin off, he told her that he was going home to visit his family in Wisconsin over Memorial Day weekend. Not only was Jack not back in Wisconsin (a lie he kept up surprisingly well), he actually had his whole family fly out to Long Island for the big day. Kristin's sisters were tasked with the job of getting her to downtown Northport on that Friday evening, where Jack would then propose to her right by the water. God was certainly smiling down on them because it was the most gorgeous Spring day and the surprise went over perfectly. Even though Kristin thought that they were going to the brewery for a few drinks, she instead had to settle for a surprise proposal! Jack was sitting on a bench with flowers, with their families hiding behind various trees surrounding them as the paparazzi. After lots of smiles, laughs, hugs, happy tears, and sweet words exchanged, Jack dropped to one knee, flashed the ring, and popped the question. After answering "yes!" to the easiest question she has ever been asked, the two celebrated in front of the beautiful backdrop by popping champagne and excitedly taking pictures that they will cherish forever.
Amy Kross